This tape is again in the new format. In the past I have
tried to produce tapes with a broad appeal. The new
approach is fewer scenes and lower price. The 2003
tapes will be compiled with 2 edited scenes of girls in
the same sort of outfits.

This scene features Brianna Lane, sitting in the dunking booth.
She is wearing jeans and a Splash Girls top for her turn in the
dunk tank. It's a great round of dunk the babe as she slowly
strips. First removing the top for some dunkings in just her jeans.
Eventually progressing to naked. It's pretty tough to aim with a
naked honey like this on the perch. Lots of good wet ass shots
while the jeans are still on and some cood hair in the face shots.
Pleanty of good taunting as she plays her round of dunk the chick.


The second scene of this tape it's Leah's turn to play dunk
the little lady. She starts off wearing jeans and a white
button top. The first dunkings make the top transparent
enough to give a nice preview of what is to follow. She's
a pretty good heckeler as she takes numerous dunkings in
her white top. As her turn goes on the top comes off for more
dunk the babe while topless. Still more dunkings followed
by the removal of her jeans to reveal a thong. She takes
the remainder of her dunkings topless in a thong.


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